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Funeral Music
Views: 187 · Added: 298 days ago

I know this is not the usual sort of post for this website but some of my friends will understand why I am making this request.
Can anyone suggest some suitable music for a funeral? I don't mean hymns as this will be a celebration of life with a few prayers. What we are looking for is some upbeat type of music.

???how long can you go
Views: 187 · Added: 931 days ago

ok little none fact i can fuck someone and have no kind of emotion involved. So if im emotionally involved i can got for hours but if im not after the second or third cum im done ready to make this short how long can you go

Views: 187 · Added: 929 days ago

anyone here from Sydney, Australia?

Views: 187 · Added: 821 days ago

Watch Film 'shelter' on Scottas page. Absolutley ace.

ok fine, no more
Views: 187 · Added: 703 days ago

It seems like I have upset asheshauled and someothers so screw it no more blogs. I dont need to communicate here anyfurther. I will go back to watching the porn like before. I dont need this drama in my life.

To say hello
Views: 187 · Added: 696 days ago

Hello,I today find this site and I would like to say hello,my name is Peta and I live in a very hot place called Bulgaria,I can speak to you in English/Bulgarian/Russian/Polish if any person would like to know about Bulgaria I have messemger and mail and allways happy to talk Dobre Den Peta xx

Scam or What
Views: 187 · Added: 6 days ago

I got this in my Inbox yesterday:

Hello Amyntas, Can you pleeeeeeease click this link and register for me please? It will only take a couple of seconds. I cam there and this will help me a lot. Also, if you are interested in live chatting boys for free, then this is a win-win for us. ;) Please help me out? You only have to open the link and then click SIGN UP and then register.

This was unsolicited but soliciting! Since then the 'user' seems to have disappeared from the site and I didn't get his name. I assume that this is some sort of scam and I haven't gone for it. Anyone else had one or am I uniquely blessed? Should we be on the look out for more similar.

I love to be cuddled :)
Views: 187 · Added: 56 days ago

Video Uploads
Views: 187 · Added: 652 days ago

About how long does it take for an uploaded video to appear? And, is there any notification that a video has been rejected, for whatever reason? I've uploaded two in the last several days, and neither have appeared. If they're already here, and mine were rejected (or, for other reasons) I've got others to share...but, don't want to 'push' if there's a backlog....

Views: 187 · Added: 893 days ago

From Coopers glan, it's a lubricant, keeps you from getting blisters if you don't use one, like spit or such.

Views: 187 · Added: 1094 days ago

add me oimupset, im a sexy blonde, looking 4 fun, dont worry im not some fat creeeper

south jersey
Views: 187 · Added: 1044 days ago

looking for twinks near atlantic city?

Views: 187 · Added: 1093 days ago

so many of my comments for pics or vids vanish after they post. has anyone addressed that?

profile pic
Views: 187 · Added: 1133 days ago

Anyone else having problems uploading a profile pic?

Views: 187 · Added: 1134 days ago

what is an avatar and how do u upload one i guess u need this to add a pic to ur profile.. thax for the help..

Dennis Birthday
Views: 187 · Added: 418 days ago

On May 30th is the birthday of Dennis (Phallussy). A Caring, sweet and a great friend. Although lately he is off the site, if you are a friend, stop by and wish him Happy Birthday. Dennis we love you and we hope you will return soon.

Looking for cutie
Views: 187 · Added: 960 days ago

I wish i had a cute guy i can talk to when i get lonely. Anybody want to talk to a athletic sexy guy message me.

Any Long Island guys on here?
Views: 187 · Added: 885 days ago

My partner & I would like to make some local friends from Long Island, who would be into getting together & enjoying some of these videos together, & having a jerk 'N squirt party.
Any guys between say 22 & 42, in the Long Island or N.Y. area interested? Get back to me.

Harry Morgan died today
Views: 187 · Added: 958 days ago

Harry Morgan has stared in such shows as Dragnet and Mash as Col. Potter. He's also stared in quite a few movies. Harry died today at the age of 96.
I don't know what his political views were, but I don't care. His voice is what I will miss the most. I grew up with Harry and I could always tell just by the sound of his voice when he was on TV. I'll miss you Harry

vids STILL not working
Views: 187 · Added: 1342 days ago

update say's video's working now. still won't play for me, keep stopping & starting

Stop having set “qualifications” for a boyfriend.
Views: 187 · Added: 505 days ago

Stop having set “qualifications” for a boyfriend. Being a lover is not a fucking job, and you’re not hiring a fucking employee. and yes, they will make mistakes. Yes, they will be different from what you expected. They’re human, and they have no fucking clue what they’re doing. But they love you, and they love every minute of you. So please, give them a chance.

the fakers make it too much for me to stay. i have hope that we have other place by now like the no porn boyspop but dont know what go on and not like attack nick at all cos he do a lot just keep this place and get smackup with complainin enough.

to the guys who friend me and like chat and are so real and we talk about things more than a pic or video, i really love you as me friends. i try to start a little place but now am like bullied a way from there cos of one or two who think they own that space but i know who really does. just too much and maybe because im aspie but when i try to do things like setup support site and then get told it not good enough and im like well- you help me? no i dont need that.

i hope some will come copy the links to trevorproject and malesurvivor to put on their profiles and reach out spread word of help for all hurtin.

im ok and actual meet someone here who i know i am in love with and i give him all time he needs cos know love is patient and kind. no rush. hell, im not turn 21 until july.

so i say fare well from here before sunday start in east usa and if ever we see each other somewhere else you hear me say 'cead mile failte' means 100,000 welcomes if i ever get a new place goin. just lot to think about right now and laugh all you want but i rather be in love with so special a guy i meet on porn site than never have love at all!

so take care and i wish all happiness and peace in this life and also like always, big hugs and buddy love from me to you


I miss him
Views: 187 · Added: 880 days ago

My Friend.

Boys swimming in the river of light
Shining golden under the sun.
Smiling warmly a twinkle in his eye
One boy gave his hand and opened his heart.
With a quiet voice and gentle words,
He offers a life so filled with joy.
He leads the way, and I will follow.
There among the creatures of light,it happens
A beacon lit by the power of love
Our tingling atoms of long dead stars,
Mother Life, hold firmly on to us.

Views: 186 · Added: 472 days ago

Who was the best gay singer of all time

Views: 186 · Added: 1317 days ago

Still having start and stop issues with the vids.

skype near swindon
Views: 186 · Added: 1068 days ago

hey guys, looking for young boys my age (ask in a messege for age range) for skype to chat, maybe vid chat. add me on skype or messege me on this, cnt wait :)
(prefably in or near swindon)

P.S. if u just add me skype, plz includ age and location

Accounts - Moderator Needed
Views: 186 · Added: 499 days ago

Hey, does this site have a moderator? If so, I need to speak to them. This is a temp account because I couldn't log in to my other one. (bonkers2376) For some reason, my password doesn't work. All I need is my password reset. I have emailed a number of times and even clicked the "forgot password" I don't know how many times. This site seriously needs to think of a better way to respond to peoples request.

Horny and alone......
Views: 186 · Added: 1115 days ago

Very horny, and very alone this weekend.
Anyone wanna chat it up?? Graphic preferred!
Message me!

Photos Posting Videos
Views: 186 · Added: 876 days ago


Where are all the photos in my collection? Explain the mystery of uploading videos. Can't figure out how to do it. Many other sites are easier to negotiate.Would like to contribute but cannot.


This is a deterrent to such invasion of privacy and "bullying"?

May I quote LL Cool J? "NO I DON'T THINK SO!"

You won't believe this, but I have to tell everyone.
Views: 186 · Added: 607 days ago

Ok so I’m sitting here bored off my ass. The phone rang and the caller ID said “United States Gov”. Before my father died we got calls from the VA all the time and the caller ID always read “US Government” and usually it would be a recorded reminder that my dad had an appointment and I would have to press 1 to keep the appointment or 2 if we weren’t going to make it. Also, after dad died I was supposed to send them, or bring them in my dad’s death certificate just for their records, but I keep forgetting to do so.
Anyway, so that’s what I thought about when I answered the phone and I even had my apologies all lined up for them, but when I answered it a woman asked. “Is this David?” I said. “Yes ma’am” Then she said. “Please hold for the president.”
Ok so I froze and stopped breathing. I can’t remember being so scared, or nervous, or excited. I don’t even know what I was feeling. So the next thing I heard was “Dave!” I knew it was president Obama’s voice, but I couldn’t speak for a moment there trying to figure out the proper etiquette when talking to the president when there is no reason in the world you should be.
So I managed. “Yes mister president.”
“Listen.” He said. “I just had some questions about your letter.”
Right now I’m freaking out because I knew I never wrote him a letter. I sent in $10.00 for his re-election and that was all and it sounded like he was going to continue talking. I didn’t want him to say anything that wasn’t any of my business, so I cut him off and said. “Mr President. I never sent you a letter. I think you have the wrong number.”
He said. “This isn’t David _______?” I won’t repeat the name.
I said. “No sir. I wish I was.”
He said. “I’m so sorry.”
I laughed and said. “Sir if ever I wasn’t annoyed with a wrong number; it’s right now.”
He laughed and wished me happy holidays and I did the same and hung up. Best wrong number ever!

Outbox Mail Problem
Views: 186 · Added: 842 days ago

My problem, although maybe that is the way it is supposed to work, is that whenever I upload vids, I get individual outbox messages telling my subscribers that I have uploaded a new video. Having a lot of subscribers and uploading a lot of files, my outbox gets huge and I then have to go through and delete them so I can actually see the necessary outbox messages.

I looked in preferences but wasn't able to see any checkable item to hinder this from happening. Am I resigned to delete all my subscribers to take care of this problem? Obviously I would like them to know about my new uploads.


first time rimming
Views: 186 · Added: 45 days ago

so very common in vids now. my well do you like to know

Requesting Friendship
Views: 186 · Added: 465 days ago

I just have to get some insight on proper etiquette,when a member request friendship,Is it taboo to at least go to the members page that you requested friendship and say hey are you,stop by and chat?

Is it frowned upon to at least get some kind of response when a member initiates contact?

I don't expect to impose a member to chat via skype or any other means of communication but if you request friendship just say Hello... Glad to meet ya :)


Views: 186 · Added: 521 days ago




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