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Still About...
Views: 84 · Added: 219 days ago

Hiya guys,

I'm still about...

I LOVE mohawks! What do you all think?!
Views: 173 · Added: 219 days ago

I LOVE mohawks!

Random thoughts...
Views: 104 · Added: 219 days ago

First off, I would like to report that my life is going very well, certainly better than a couple weeks ago.

Secondly, does anyone know any good gay magazines? I've always been interested in the printed media even though I can find lots of things on the internet.

This is a documentary from British Channel 4 regarding the attacks by groups on LGBT people in Russia.

hey all i'm back
Views: 90 · Added: 220 days ago

hey it's great to be back i have been very busy

vids will not play
Views: 101 · Added: 220 days ago

vids and photos will not play AGAIN this has been going on for weeks any sign of a fixjQuery182026056898455135524_1391804181320??????????

Eugene say"
Views: 320 · Added: 220 days ago

Be Happy!!

be happy

Wasn't Bruno Mars AMAZING?!!!
Views: 185 · Added: 221 days ago

Wasn't Bruno Mars AMAZING?!!!

What do I do if I accidentally erase (delete) something?!

Another Gay Marriage Nation
Views: 93 · Added: 221 days ago

Scotland have passed a gay marriage law.

Director of Stonewall Scotland Colin Macfarlane says it's a truly historic moment

The annual Gay mardi gras in Sydney starts today, I flew over for it last night.

The festival lasts a month or so and is always a great deal of fun, and a chance to meet and make new friends.

One Year Anniversary
Views: 192 · Added: 221 days ago

Today marked my one year anniversary here on GayBoysTube! I just want to say "thanks" for all the friend requests and rate-up's!

I also want to say "thanks" to all the members that have enjoyed my photo's and video's! I always try to upload photo's and video's that I think are above-average. I may not always succeed, but I do my best.

I look forward to spending another year with all of you here on GayBoysTube!

This always happens to me...
Views: 235 · Added: 221 days ago

I'm not trying to start anything with anybody, simply posting what I have observed, both online and in real life. For whatever reason, with the experience I have in the homosexual community, it seems to be a mainstreamed idea that those of us who are a little, say, huskier, are shunned from our more porcelian peers.

Granted, there is a large sector in our community that has a thing for huskier guys, but they are rather hard to find (in my experience).

I'd also like to say that I'm not just talking about attraction. From what I have experienced, people in our community seem to not even want to be around us "bigger" guys. They don't want to talk to us, or even really be seen with us. Why is that?

So, for all of you out there that don't have a thing for bigger guys, why? Is it simply an issue with attraction, that you're not in the least bit attracted to this kind of man, or is it something more?

super bowl
Views: 217 · Added: 222 days ago

my partner and i decied to forgo a super bowl party for our regular nfl sunday tradition. we grab the bedspread off the bed and get naked to watch the game on the couch. snacks, a couple beers and lube. during time outs and commercials we venture under the blanket. and there are a LOT of tv time outs in football. anyhow i like denver and the old man peyton. i predict a 3-2 score. i cum 3 times to logan's 2. omg if it goes into overtime. anyhow we both win and watching football has never been so sexy fun. luv you guys!

Breaking in the New Flat: Chapter 2
Views: 66 · Added: 222 days ago

Well, Valentine's Day is coming up, so the story's heading towards that! :)

This is how I wake Dustin up lol
Views: 140 · Added: 222 days ago

Access Denied
Views: 101 · Added: 222 days ago

Views: 59 · Added: 223 days ago

hey guys just wanted to say I'm up for talking, not rly c2c unless we talk for a while but i'd love to talk to people 8D add my skype justfornow233

Um...just to let whoever know...every single video and photo have been replaced with "x" boxes at this point.

Jerk off.
Views: 103 · Added: 224 days ago

Lots of hot gay videos make me horny. I'm going to jerk off. Have a good night. Bye.

Views: 87 · Added: 224 days ago

Add me gbt2cam2. Please be 18-24 years old. I'm horny. I need to jerk off with a guy.

Views: 332 · Added: 224 days ago

any body get a boner in a publice place and what did you do

Secret Boyfreinds!!
Views: 347 · Added: 225 days ago

im just wondering, did anyone esle have a secret crush with a boy at school? or still do?

i did and yes i do :)

Gay Pioneers in New Zealand
Views: 84 · Added: 225 days ago

Gay history is filled with Oscar Wilde and the Stonewall riots, but a month or so ago a pioneer in the gay community in New Zealand died.

Tony Katavich, along with his business partners, stood up and was counted at a time when not only was gay sex illegal, but openly repressed, in my country and did so at enormous personal cost.

I knew Tony's business partner, Brett Sheppard, very well, but only met him on a single occasion when he told me an hilarious story -

In 1975, in the bad old days, their gay sauna was subjected to its periodical raid by the Police and if that wasn't bad enough, one of the walls chose that moment to cave in - literally on top of around 100 men having sex with each other!

As the Police were pulling bleeding, naked men out of the rubble covered in bricks and masonry, the Inspector in charge of the raid wasn't sure whether to arrest everyone or call for ambulances! haha!

Here is his obituary
Views: 119 · Added: 225 days ago

great english funny like him?

Wet Dreams
Views: 778 · Added: 225 days ago

Can any of you remember the first time you had a wet dream? What was it about?

I've only had one wet dream in my entire life. It happened when I was in the 7th grade so I had to of been about 13 years old.

I dreamed that I was in the school gymnasium. I was on one end of the court, underneath the basketball hoop, humping one of my friends doggy-style while a bunch of kids were playing basketball on the opposite end of the court. That's all I remember.

That was a moderately sticky experience.

everything I have posted is gone
Views: 185 · Added: 226 days ago

Everything I have uploaded is pretty much gone ;/ I'm kinda mad bcuz those were the files and pics that i loved so i just put it up here so i didn't need to keep it on the comp so i lost everything :(

Views: 85 · Added: 226 days ago

the best way to someones heart is to do this;

Fix it
Views: 215 · Added: 226 days ago

Am I the only one who has trouble getting the vids to play?

Porn Actors
Views: 3622 · Added: 226 days ago

Who is your favorite porn actor of all time and what makes him special

Josh Brandon
Views: 91 · Added: 226 days ago

I have just been listening to this on the radio and found it quite interesting; I have known of this Josh fellow for a while and think he is amazingly cute (he is also cut lol)...Well worth a listen

What is that video where...?
Views: 174 · Added: 227 days ago

What is that video where kids are playing soccer and then two of them start kissing and where can I find it?

Has anyone else seen the video? I saw it years ago, I think there's a foul and then they start kissing on the ground and the parents are furious about it.

I got a Question
Views: 2970 · Added: 227 days ago

Is being a homosexual is a mortal sin? My parents were born again Christians and they said gay people are sinners is that true or they're wrong?


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