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info Day of April 20, 2011
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Every day 1000s of students are shut out and silenced :( They are silenced by fear they are silenced for being who they are . They are your friends . They are your Classmates . They are your Brothers and your Sisters . They are Gay and straight they are you and me. They are silenced by anti Lesbian, Gay ,Bisexual and Transgender bullying and harassment :( On April 20 their silence will be heard all around the country and i hope the world as well:) Please remember this day and take a stand for what is right and fair to all.

You are in the crosshairs
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Fresh Start! :)
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I'm staying, but I'm making big changes. I'm still gonna be updating everyone about my work and research, but only through blogs. I'm no longer going to blab about it all over my profile. Guess what that means? Profile Makeover! It may seem silly, but that's the first thing that needs to be changed. Also, I'm going to be writing status updates on my wall about my day/night/etc. I've only seen a handful of people on here who do this, but I hope more start! I'm going to be more active on GBT than I was before, you'll all start to my friend side of me, instead of my work side. This is going to be a fresh start for me, I'm so happy I have all of you.

has anyone ever heard of the catfishguy on tumblr?
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Hi I was just browsing around tumblr and found this guy

He says he can get your guy friends on video getting naked, and was wondering if any1 has tried him out cuz i think i would want to do it if anyone has a review on him. I might do it anyways because it says he gives picture proof before you have to send him any money, but would love if anyone has done it before, and could tell me what to expect in terms of what itll cost and how long it takes before he gives you any updates. Thanks

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just watched the vid "pool boys." anyone ever fuk in a pool? that's one experience i have not had yet.

Why can we not have a real forum here?
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I've been reading some of the drama in certain users lives here on these weird blog things... Why can we not instead have an actual forum here with threads and proper communication? Something seperate from the "porn" side of the site. I look at this website as an escape from bad things and I would love it to remain that way but at the same time I understand people's need to moan about their life or discuss things. I jus tthing this blog format is stupid for that.

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Anyone know the blonds name?
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Do You?
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Do you

404 File not Found
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Why is it when trying to view some blogs, it comes up with 404 file not found. surely if the blog is removed for whatever reason, it should also be removed from the list of blogs?

GBT Members
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I clicked on the COMMUNITY button above and came up with a roughly calculated figure for site membership. 158.000 profiles, not sure how many are really active, maybe an admin can give a more precise number.

Body Hair?
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I have hair on my chest, stomach, etc..

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Odd question but how does one go about becoming a pornstar?

What day is this?
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Thursday is the day in honor of the Norse goddess Frigg. It is also named in honor or the Greek god Thor.

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Weird Message on my GBT mail box
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i've found this weird message on my mail box, the user doesn't exist. someone got the same?, what is it?, some GBT dark side?. :D

sunday question
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do you demand much of your penis? or does your penis demend much from you?

I just had the most awkward phone conversation with my dad. After talking about the usual stuff, the weather, the government, his health etc. he somehow brought up how long its been since he had sex......then he says and I quote "so have you met any errr ummm acquaintance's in Sydney?" you mean a boyfriend dad? "errr well you don't really call them boyfriends do you son?"

Are you an 'active top' or a 'passive top'? (Edited)
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I'm almost exclusively a top, but I do tend to prefer to lay on my back or sit on a chair and let my partner ride me - you know, do the hard work. I like to be active as well, but this way is so much more enjoyable for me and let's me conentrate on lasting longer. if you're a top or versitile, what do you prefer, being active or passive? If you're a bottom or versitile, what does your partner prefer? Let me know! Thanks! :-P

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zapraszam na moje nagie blogi

things to make you smile
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to my friends who are studying hard and sitting exam, thinking of you, and some things to make you smile;,,

garrison beach NJ
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anyone been there? thinking about a vacation trip to a nude beach. i finally convinced mr modesty to go. any other suggestions? i'm just a nudist with a purpose!

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he who wants to chat?

Gay porn
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How old were you when you started watching gay porn. Do you remember what site or porno you watched your first time?

Famous gays
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Famous gays in sports comedians singers Politics from any where in the world and there are more then you think

Deleting profile
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Skaterboii Update
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I was just talking to him not that long ago and he told me to tell you that he currently in the hospital after attempting to kill himself. I just want to wish him the best and will be here as a friend if he needs me.

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hey you think that you have found a friend on here then they just let you down

The "Oh my!" dessert of the week award goes to....
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I bet Simon Cowell would say "It's

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As a friendly gesture from an oldie to all you younger guys I thought I would offer free glasses to all who want them! You can view these stylish glasses here:

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Which land would you like to live in some day and which land is the most friendliest to gays


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