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Who is also interested in Sado-Masochism and what is your fantasy which you want to become real?

So my ex (the cheater) started liking this guy and i found out lol. So I went and flirted with this new guy and now he has a crush on me and i think im gonna date him lol. How much of an asshole am I?? or is this all good??

White sadness.
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White snow sparkles on my hand

Some people should never be allowed to educate or have anything to do with the shaping of Young minds.

STORY: A taxpayer-funded Catholic school in Alberta requires its staff to abstain from 'Homosexual relations' and warns children that 'unjust will end up in a 'lake of fire'

Be Strong
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Video Upload Size
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Just asking... Why the max size of uploaded video is changed to as low as 500 MB, before it was 1 GB per video?

Thanks :)

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Has anyone been to a gloryhole, what was your experience like?

Friendly Advice From An Old(ish) Fart
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Curiosity: Uploads
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So, I thought I'd be nice and upload some random stuff I found on the net and the Upload page itself caught my eye - 'I certify that I own the content' and 'I certify that I have consent to post it' - or however it's written.

Now, I'm not knocking anyone or anything about it, unless you upload stuff you bought or of yourself, that's perfectly fine, but, what about the very highly likely/high percentage of pictures and videos that probably don't belong to the uploader and no consent was had because this is the Internet and as long as I can copy and download stuff very sneakily, it don't matter.

I'm just curious about the whole thing really, because the wording makes it seem like it'd be total blashpemy if you don't adhere to it :P

The Past Year;
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Wll it looks like I made this account exactly one year ago. In this year:

I lost my fake friends and got real one that will stick with me.

Came out of the closet

Got my firt boyfriend.

Gave him my virginity

Got my heart broken by his scumbag, lieing, flirtatious ass.

Thanks Guys!!
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Sexparty am 03.05.2014
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Ich veranstalte eine sexy Party am Sa. 03.05.2014 in K

30 minutes
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30 minutes is given to me to forget

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Where frost, where sorrow

share an intresting fact about yourself...
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i wet to bed into my teens..

We're not your enemy; we are you future.
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If you're lucky, you'll eventually be our age, so you might as well start learning about the pain and beauty and hope and hurt and heartbreak that comes with age. You are our past, so we might understand more than you think we do. If we forget or dismiss you as "too young to understand," slap some sense into us. It's one big beautiful gay world out there, and no matter our ages and age difference, let's share it together.

hairy chests
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from my experience in locker rooms, the pool, beach, etc. men seems to get hair on their chests around 19-20. some earlier, some later. i'm 23 1/2 and still waiting. i'm not complaining, i like being a twink, but i thought my male hormones would have provided that stage of manhood by now. whats the scoop?

double cum
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ever cum twice on the same erection?

How to add pictures in the same photo album, please?
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How to add pictures in the same photo album, please?

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Wll ummm... i dont really know how to do this blog thing but i kninda wanna start lol... any tipsjQuery18206804681536741555_1397317958204?

The Joel-a-bomber manifesto - Part II (Deux)
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Read me.

Warning scam mail from member olg7777
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Be aware of olg7777 as he sent me a message saying I have been left money by a relative and asking for my details . If you receive delete and report.

I do, y'know?... ;)
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I love my friends


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My Owner Does... that?!
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Funny cat amazed 533x355, Funny cat amazed,  funny animals , Funny Animals

me trying to "art"
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New avatar
Views: 54 · Added: 164 days ago

I changed my avatar. My intention is to put it on one of my shirts as a statement for equal rights.

Whats your favorite song?
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Find you , by Zedd

Be A Man-The Mask some of us Wear
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Being a man is something we have all heard at some time in our lives and even a few guys reading this will will know that Being a Man in that sense means something completely different to you than what that phrase implies.I cant even begin to describe the toll that the concept of Musculinity has taken on some lives.And its felt everywhere so its time to make changes starting within ourselves.


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