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turn ons
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ok one more and then i'm done. off of here. everybody has a part of a guy that really turns them on. please share. i like to look at guys butts as well as sexy legs. but on my partner his back is a major turn on to me. yes, his back...broad shoulders, smoothness, long (he is tall) and a perfect ski slope to his butt. i can lick and kiss his back and it turns me on big time. yes my fav position is him on his front so i can kiss and lick his back, neck, shoulders and ears. it suits his turn on too for me to be there. i seldom pull out, but when i do, sometimes it is to deposit my load right in the middle of his back and the back of his neck. i slurp every drop! i know, i am such a slut. but god i love it. too horny to continue much longer. peace!

Sex and Stimulation-Part 1 of 3
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Sexual stimulation is fun, right? Of course it is or we wouldn't all be hanging out on a porno site. But, did you ever stop and wonder just what the hell is going on with your mind and body when you get horny? Yeah, me either, which is why I've decided to examine this little phenomenon a little closer.

Lets face it, when we get horny, there is only one thing on our mind: getting the hell off. But why, exactly, do we want to get off? What is this sudden uncontrollable urge we have to relieve ourselves? Let us briefly examine what happens to our mind and body during this intense period of time.

If we see, hear or fantasize about something that excites us sexually, messages are transmitted to the portion of our brain dedicated to sexual excitement. During this time, our brain is also flooded with a chemical called "endorphines". These endorphines tell our brain that whatever is causing our sexual arousal is very enjoyable and should be continued and perhaps even intensified to enhance the experience.

During this sexual excitement, you may notice that the inside of your underwear is becoming a little sticky. This is what's know as "pre-ejaculate" or "pre-cum". But don't panic! It's perfectly normal.

While your penis is busy drooling, you may notice that your pants or underwear (if you're even wearing any at this point) are beginning to feel a little tighter. This may be the result of "Penile Rigor Mortis". Or, to put it in layman's terms, a "boner". But keep calm! Getting a boner is perfectly natural (well, it is if you're a guy anyway).

During this time, you may be asking yourself, "What is happening to my penis?! Is there something wrong with me?!" Well, maybe there is something wrong with you, but that has nothing to do with the blood that is rushing into your wang.

When you "bone up", it's because the spongy tissues in your penis are being engorged with blood. There is a large, primary artery that is responsible for blood flow into the penis and several smaller arteries that are responsible for draining the blood from the penis.

In order to keep the penis hard, there are flaps inside the veins leading out of the penis that enlarge, thereby preventing blood from draining from the penis. As more and more blood flows into the penis, it will become harder and more erect. Heart rate and blood pressure also increases, as well as the blood pressure inside the penis, thereby maintaining the erection.

The End

In my next blog, I will discuss masturbation and sex.

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i keep getting emails telling me I have a private message.

good bye
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To all my friends,

need a laugh?
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Subject: BRITISH HUMOR IS DIFFERENT These are classified ads, which were actually placed in U.K. Newspapers: FREE YORKSHIRE TERRIER 8 years old, Hateful little bastard. Bites! FREE PUPPIES 1/2 Cocker Spaniel, 1/2 sneaky neighbor's dog. FREE PUPPIES Mother is a Kennel Club registered German Shepherd. Father is a Super Dog, able to leap tall fences in a single bound. COWS, CALVES: NEVER BRED Also 1 gay bull for sale. JOINING NUDIST COLONY! Must sell washer and dryer

But who's Counting
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I dont mean to brag or boast but um I do declare that someone has recently reached their 1000th

Views: 161 · Added: 152 days ago

I wish we could post pictures on peoples walls.

I'm Under My Desk...
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You know how it is guys, don't you?...

Think of.....
Views: 82 · Added: 152 days ago

At the end i realized that cock looks bigger when you are REALLY horny......

1500 day anniversary for nick18!!
Views: 167 · Added: 152 days ago

CONGRADULATIONS NICK!!! May there be 1500 more.....And Thanks for EVERYTHING!! (((BIG HUGZ))) :Deeenis de Meeenace

chrisley knows best
Views: 55 · Added: 152 days ago

has anybody ever watched chrisley knows best ? i think chase is fucking hot :)

Frankie Knuckles - Chicago House pioneer - dies aged 59

The godfather of house has died unexpectedly aged 59, as confirmed by his longtime business partner, Frederick DunsonFrankie was a personal friend to my partner and I. He will be missed.

What would your wish be?
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re from n18 wall:

Being Thankful for what we have
Views: 246 · Added: 160 days ago

On the weeekend I spent some time hanging out with my younger cousin . He

I read the article and found it really helpful and now I feel less alone. The only thing now is how to approach him and tell him I'm gay too, its something that shouldn't worry me because he's also gay but it does

share your coming out story
Views: 218 · Added: 162 days ago

How did people react? Did they care? How did you do it? Etc

My vids
Views: 181 · Added: 167 days ago

Please check out my self shot vids and let me know what u think! X

Views: 98 · Added: 168 days ago

My so called friend at work has always made said she has no problems with gay/bisexual people but the other day we saw 2 lesbians with a baby to which she replied it wrong and should not be allowed for gay/lesbian folk to be able to adopt/foster children i now don't see her as m friend am i right or wrong ?

Password Reset
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Does anyone know if they got the password recovery fixed yet?

any Aussie boys here?
Views: 144 · Added: 168 days ago

If there are, talk to me! If you're in Melbourne, lets hang out ;)

Joke of the Day
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As they are
Views: 90 · Added: 169 days ago

Japanese teens
Views: 136 · Added: 169 days ago

I am looking for a video featuring jap teens jerking one of them. It was called 'Friend' If someone could post it that would be greatly appreciated. tkx

needf your suggestions
Views: 278 · Added: 169 days ago

Hello my fellow coniseurs of the penile art form. I find myself in need of some expert suggestions. I have discovered recently that I enjoy videos where the lovers are bare back and one or both cum INSIDE the other. Not his mouth but lost in the throws of passion he actually cums in the partners ass then pulls out so we can see his cum dribble out ( no not these gross ads where a half gallon of a milk like substance shoots 10 feet)

maye my day
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Midnight Caller
Views: 143 · Added: 170 days ago

Don't get worried, guys...

francis lapointe aka Frank Wolf
Views: 214 · Added: 170 days ago

I recently leaned that a guy i have had chats with through webcam has passed away. He was quite well known in the cosplay world and for cross dressing. It turns out he was subject to a prolonged period of internet bullying and in November 2013 took his life. However his death is is been questioned as many feel it was a hoax or a way to get away from his online persona "Frank Wolf", I have found a obituary note , however this is easy to fake and for a sucide caused by online bullying, you would expect media of some kind to run the story, however there is no trace of this. Frank as I knew him was a wonderfull young man and if indeed dececased is a loss to this world. Anyone with any actual information would be appricated as i really am finding it difficult not knowing if he has died.

Several days ago Pet Shop Boys issued a dance track that accompanies the now-legendary speech on homophobia by Irish drag activist Panti Bliss. Now a second, slower version of the track has been released with an accompanying video.

A Message To All Friends
Views: 146 · Added: 171 days ago

Hard to believe...

Custom video
Views: 528 · Added: 171 days ago

A couple of cuties have posted custom videos posts on this site.Has anyone delt with them?

Awareness of Life
Views: 249 · Added: 171 days ago

When did you decide to come out? Currently I feel lonely and as if sorrow haunts me. I feel like I am losing my mind as if my heterosexuality is fighting with my gay-self. Simply by observing myself i know that I am attracted to young men, I have sexual fantasies about naked guys. But deep down I feel embarassment and shame. I am in a state of confusion and don't know what to do or how to free myself.

Do u do Kik trade?
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Do u do this and what do u think about it?

Fun Pic - Had To Share!
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Funny Signs Pictures


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