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Final Thoughts
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This is my second attempt at a blog, first time I tried to blog here no one could respond to it, not sure if it was something I did or if it was the site but here it goes again. I have a strained (at best) relationship with my very closed minded parents. Amazingly the strain of this relationship has nothing to do with sexuality, they are unaware that their last child turned out gay. I grew up in the heart of the Bible belt in the Ozarks and gay is just not something anyone admitted to. My parents have 10 children, I was the last and came nearly 7 years after the next to last and really, growing up all I ever wanted, all I ever tried to do was to have a loving parent child relationship with them. My siblings all had it, and I tried, I mean I really tried, I did not live just a normal youth, turn out like you turn out, I really put a conscience effort into trying to be the son they wanted me to be. I wanted and I guess I still do want their approval, I want them to be proud of me but that is a phrase I never have heard my father utter to me. I graduated from HS near the top of my class, was MVP on the baseball team the year we won district, got accepted to a major university, worked full time paid for every class myself and also my room and board, I earned everything myself ever since leaving home and I received my BA in 2007 and none of that impressed my father. I remember the day I got my degree, much to my surprise my parents came to the ceremony though I am pretty sure my grandparents played a huge role in them coming. I found them after the ceremony with my degree in hand, my grandparents were all smiles and hugs, even my mother even dredged up a hug, I turned to dear old dad and his first words were, good for you, you can hang your paper on your wall at home, are we done now? I guess he was worried his PBR was going to get warm if he did not get home. So what kind of relationship do you have with your parents? If your parents rejected you did you ever reach a point where you no longer cared? I most certainly do care and as of late I have been really feeling an emotional need to establish something with them but I just feel that is either something I cannot have or do not know how to do.

This is how people should orgasm more often when they are ejaculating!

Gay Marriage Statistics
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Last year after much debate gay marriage was legalised in my country of New Zealand.

Some interesting statistics have emerged which show that not only are a small number of couples actually tying the knot, but 40% or so are foreigners taking advantage of our liberal laws.

In the last year 209 NZ gay couples married and 146 foreign couples.

This is much along the lines of what I had predicted - that few people would marry when able to.

If you further analyse the 209 couples which did tie the knot it generally consists of 'The Usual Suspects' (loud mouthed, attention seeking, professional gay activist wankers) showing off to their friends and older gay couples who have been together for decades and have married on principle.

I think New Zealand gay men differ from other countries in that there is an underlying cynicism whereby because everyone is fairly shallow, promiscuous and possessing empty pockets they are smart enough to know 'the other fellow' possesses these qualities too - and therefore won't risk marriage (which is unlikely to last longer than a short honeymoon).

I am not a fan of either relationships or marriage as it would interfere with my sex life lol, especially living in a gay community where sex is plentiful.

But for those that are I simply urge guys to focus on the fundamentals - finances.

There is nothing worse than being broke, and it will be even worse if you are manacled to someone who is even more broke than you, so get the money side sorted first.

You may be prepared to live an impecunious lifestyle due to 'love' for him, but I suspect he is not all that keen on carrying you for long, so do not be surprised when you get a nasty shock as actually taking part in 'real life' supersedes 'love conquering all'.

Just sayin'

Joe Orton Quotations
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Here are some quotations from the gay British playwrite Joe Orton - great stuff

Woken by explosion
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Looking for a video
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Hi All!

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the blogs are really funny, serious, lovely, keep up the good work guys

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A Phallussy Phunny.....
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Nu Math.....

my town view from my front door
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File:Nailsworth Clock.jpg

where do you live this is more or less the view from my front door i live a bit to the left though - giles

Cock N' Throat!
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Who hear calls or has ever heard of oral sex as "cock n' throat"?!

Should I ask at the car wash...
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When I go to the car wash to get my car cleaned should I ask why they put so much semen all over my car?!

cc cherche video
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vous connaisser old country par chichidelarue si oui donner moi le site

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So true
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Standing alone
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Standing alone

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id like to thank everyone that made me feel so welcome to join this site

Pleae shae your favorite asian boy with us and a link or 2 to that asian boy whether it be a video or pictures even not on this site would love to see them Thanks!!!

GBT PodCast 1
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Hi guys.

How to post photo albums and videos?
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I can not post anything on this site since I joined it. Did some help from someone who is already accustomed to posting media. I'm dying to expose my pictures and videos that I have saved and creating new ones that live!

Speaking of condom ads....
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This one is my favorite condom ad...

Early riser...
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morning wood donald duck morning wood cubby demotivational posters 1300754006 Watch| Morning Wood Explained in a Cartoon

missing gbt
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i've been busy the last week with a very sick boy. i never knew through sickness tnhat you could care and hurt for someone so much. it tore me up! but i mut say the site of him puking on all fours with his balls hanging nearly to the floor was a sight to behold. i witnessed vulnerability, something most guys can't and won't show. i learned a new respect about love and caring for someone. he is better now. slept 24 hours yesterday and got through his finals. thanks for the notes of encouragment. i also learned i miss my friends on here more than the porn. stay healthy and horny! luv you guys!

Chicago guys
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I'm interested finding guys in chicago who use this site! If you are from chicago add me as a friend ;)

blog troubles
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each time i try to post a blog it cuts of most of the text i've written. owww, any help?

Our friend Skaterboii
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Has anybody heard of our friend Skaterboii lately? It's been a few days since he's posted anything. I know he was going through some rough times. I hope things are going better for him now. Anyway, I want to send him love and support once more. :-) Hope to hear from him soon! :P


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