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powerful drum song
Views: 136 · Added: 822 days ago

Up load gone faster
Views: 142 · Added: 823 days ago

Just up loaded a 4 minute vid it took 8 minutes, has any one else found this

Download ?????
Views: 159 · Added: 823 days ago

Seems like download option is not available (again). Sent message to nick.Hopt to hear something soon. Too Bad it's happening when things seemed to be going good. Andy

Younger with Older or Vice Versa
Views: 501 · Added: 823 days ago

Could it be possible to be attracted only by younger men and is it possible that younger guys could be only attrated to older. And this for the good reason. Not only for a younger body for the older and the money for the younger. I met a lot of youngers that said they like older but none were for the good reason. Is it dreaming to try to find the right youn man that enjoy being with a mature man. Not an easy question!

TV series SKINS
Views: 229 · Added: 823 days ago

did any of u guys in the US watch a UK TV series called SKINS..about a group of teenagers..1 actor in particular Mitch Hewer..he played a gay dancer called
Maxxie Oliver...blond and really cute..i used to get horny just watching him!!

Views: 86 · Added: 823 days ago

If you had a "bluetooth" of some kind on constant always jacking frequencies. You could hear and speak without ever having to recharcge it. Would you ever shut up? Or talk about anything or anyone all the time? ┬ŽD heh

INSTRUCTIONS from APPLE SUPPORT are at this link: .

Views: 137 · Added: 823 days ago

Nick18, is there a way to get my iPod touch to upload pics?

true story of high school sex pt 3
Views: 259 · Added: 823 days ago

I am not a professional writer, but the story I tell is a true account of
some of the guys I had sex within high school. There will be several parts
so I hope you will not be bored. No body in these stories has incredible 9
in cocks. Just normal 15 and 16 year boy beginning to explore or hidden
sexuality. Your comments are welcome. All rights reserved and must be of
legal age to read. I am now 53 so hear are the accounts of my sexual
youth. Which seem to be more fun back then.

There were many other get togethers with Sandy and hopefully I can get back
to his story a bit later. I was in the 10th grade and trying to grasp my
sexuality which was giving me a hard time. I could not understand how I
could be Gay. I was a jock at this time. I was not the most popular kid in
school but I was respected as an athlete. I had dated several girls in my
school. I lost my straight virginity when I was 13 and I clearly remember
walking home after have my first intercourse with a women who was two years
older than me. As I walked home I remember as if it was an hour ago I said
well I have had sex with a girl and it was just not that big of a deal. I
thought back to some of my school mates i had fucked around with and it
seemed more fun and more natural. Anyway 10th grade was a challenge. I want
to spend a few a few minutes on my friend Spike. Obviously the names are

Spike was a kid in my class. He was in a different learning group but
still in my class.He was kind of different as in he was a bit feminine. Not
in a real girly way just in his physical stature was a bit petite. He was
white as all the kids in my school were around 5'9 maybe 140 pounds brown
hair, slim build but had as one of my straight classmates once said, he had
very contented look upon his lips lips. Which kind of makes me laugh
now. Anyway that was a rumor going around about Spike. That he like to suck
cocks. I can't remember who told me but the rumor seem to be floating
around a lot. When you are in 10th grade and you hear about another guy
who like to fuck around with other guys and you like to fuck around guys
you try to find a way to hook up. I was really worried that if I started
hanging around him my classmates might think the same about me. There was
one common link to Spike and that was we both had the same friend that we
we hung with time to time. Now the rumor was that Spike used to blow this
other kid. I never tried anything with this other boy but what better way
to find out then to invite this other boy (will call him Ryan) to a sleep

Ryan and I had gym class together and as we became better friends and the
thought that he was letting Spike give him blow jobs only drove my thought
on how to find out, so when I asked if he wanted to sleep over on the
weekend he said yes. We did the usual stuff the Saturday night, hanging out
night with other friends drinking some beers and smoking pot. As the night
began to come to and end we headed to my house for the night. I never
really had a curfew but alway came home around 11pm. My parents new I had a
friend staying over which was kind of a normal thing when your kids. As we
got up to my room I turned on my 4 ft black light which keep everything
dark but yet you could still see. I had a double bed which gave both of us
plenty of room. As we started to take our clothes off we just sat on the
edge of the bed quietly talking about the nights events. We both stripped
down to our underwear which of course was the tighty white style that
everyone wore back then. Ryan was in great shape as he was very active in
sports as well as having the biggest paper route in town and his body
should how well he looked. No one had any real body hair except for pubes
and under there arms. I was watching him get undress and he was very
hot. As we got into bed he gave no indication that he would like to mess
around. So we just laid there as I could feel his body heat filtered over
to my side of the bed. I laid there for 15 to 20 minutes, my heart was just
pounding on thinking if I should try anything so slowly I let my leg move
over till it touch his. I could tell that he was still awake by his
breathing It was not deep like when you are a sleep. But yet he did not
pull away from my leg and in fact gave me a little pressure back. We were
both laying on our backs and I could see that he had his hands behind his
head as he looked at the ceiling. I slowly moved my left hand towards his
body until I felt the side of his waist. When my fingers hit the side of
his body he gave a little shiver and took a deep breath. My right hand was
already on my cock gently pushing my underwear down so it could spring
free. As I looked over at him I could still see that he was looking up and
his hands were still behind his back.

I knew it was now or never to see if we would fuck around. I slowly felt
my way down to the elastic band on his underwear, and moved my hand to the
top of his stomach as I felt it raise and fall as he took a breath. My
fingers moved over the mound where his cock was and found that he was
already hard as his cock was straining to be free of his underwear. Yet he
did not move or say anything so I kept going. I slid my finger under his
shorts and the heat that was coming of him was very hot. Deeper and deeper
I moved my hand under his shorts till my fingers finally touched the head
of his cock. Ryan was cut just like me as i had seen him in gym class
showers. One finger at a time I rapped my hand around his cock. there is
such a thrill when you grab someone's cock for the first time. It's hard,
hot moist and throbbing. I could feel the end of his dick was slippery as I
rolled my thumb over the head of his cock he let out a shutter and his cock
jumped in my hand. I finally let go of my own cock and took both hand to
pull his underwear off. He lifted his hips just enough that they slid down
and off his feet. As i did this I pulled the sheets down exposing him lying
on his back hands behind his head with a hot little 10th grade cock waiting
to be played with. By pulling the sheets down it had put me directly over
the lower half of his body and I could feel his hard cock poking me in the
ribs as I bent over him. Taking my time I just leaned across his body with
my back to him as I started to feel his pubes and jerk his cock off. He had
a huge bush of hair,Ryan never said a word but he didn't have to his cock
was speaking for him. I felt him put his hand on my shoulder as he softly
pushed me toward his cock. He smelled so goods I just rubbed my face into
his pubes as I rubbed his cock all over the side of my face. With his right
hand on my back he took his left and guided his cock to my mouth. It was
steel, his cock was so hard. I slowly put my mouth on it and started to
suck him. He was not very big but still had a nice dick as i was able to
take all of him in. He was leaking a lot which always make me wonder why
pre cum taste so sweet and cum has a bitter taste. Anyway I was sucking him
of so much that it was a bit sloppy. My spit was washing over his balls as
I could taste his pre cum and as i pulled on his balls they were
slippery. But yet I kept on slowly feeling the crown of his cock slide past
my lips. Ryan took his hand off my shoulder and reached around and started
jerking me off. His left hand was pushing down harder and faster on my neck
as he fucked my mouth. I could tell he was getting close as his breathing
became harder as he bucked up into my mouth and his jerking of my cock
became uneven. Finally there was this hard thrust as he push me down on his
cock as he blew his cum in my mouth. Every pump push more in my mouth as
cum was leaking out the side and down his balls. I did not swallow but just
let it run out my mouth as I continued sucking him. The smell of cum is so
pungent mixed wit spit it just made me go nuts. He kept jerking me off as
he came and when i felt that first shot of cum in my mouth I blew my load
all over my belly and his hand. I started to slow down on him as i caught
my breath slowly squeezing his balls and taint pushing the rest of his cum
out. I leaned back off him with his cum all over my face and hands as i
could feel my own cum run down the sides of my waist. We wiped our selves
clean pulled up our underwear rolled over and went to sleep.

The next morning we woke up and he acted like nothing had happened and
actually stated he slept great and didn't remember anything. Needles to say
I hooked up with him only 2 other times and it was the same thing. Anyway
that confirmed that Spike was up for fucking around. I just had to figure
out how to make it happen. Ryan I know it was a long way around to get to
Spike but once we hooked up the sex was much more experimenting then any of
the other boys. That story is to come.

What the fuck
Views: 166 · Added: 823 days ago

Has anyone found when you open up a vid there's a message do you want a sex partner in your city?

PLZ help
Views: 191 · Added: 823 days ago

Can any one tell me what does (You didn't upload a avatar yet!) mean, i'm trying to upload a photo of me comes up this and a size. The size of picture i know

what a bunch of bullsh***ers
Views: 177 · Added: 824 days ago

The police department around here is full of dumbass liars. So full of themselves with "criminal intent" that them being their own policing department instead of RCMP running the show, I see as a waste of money being distributed for all those nice vehicles they have (Chargers, Challengers, Yukons,) WHILE rcmp's are stuck with standard cruisers. I'm tailed by them because I like young guys and watch alot of gay porn on someones WIFI I leech Roflmao.

Growing Up And Coming Of Age Stories
Views: 170 · Added: 824 days ago

Love to share stories with anyone about growing up and how you learned or who taught you. I was 'taught' how to j/o when I was just 8 years old by my teenage step uncles while visiting them on their farm one summer. Went home and taught my little brother what I had learned and he and I became j/o buds until he got married. Later in my teens, my twin cousins begged me to teach them about sex when they were almost 13. Would love to hear how others learned or were taught. Hit me up if you want to hear the full stories! I grew up thinking I was the only one having these experiences because no one would talk about stuff like that in school...then the internet came along and I found out I have alot of company. lol.

Big eybrows
Views: 147 · Added: 824 days ago

Does anyone get turned on by large eybrows.
I wonder why so many cute guys have big ones.

sleeping under hypnosis or drugged...
Views: 88 · Added: 824 days ago

Have you ever felt like this? When you go to sleep, you "Feel" as if some things are happening that you'd be totally unaware of. Like maybe you're asleep longer than you would have anticipated, like for weeks under a catatonic state such as under hypnosis or drugged? Perhaps you're in some sort of sex trade and whored off to desperate fat fucks or some sort of lonely sad pathetic pissant. Maybe that person is raping you or just completely obsessed and they do things like use your belongings. Like your clothes, food, smelling or eating your under garments. lol which what brings me to my real question. What would you do if you were being done this to? I know if I was being done this to and I became aware of such. I'm glad I don't have my Cooey 12ga and my 99 year old .45 Automatic Colt Pistol anymore... lol Of course this is just outrageous pondering because I need a good laugh. It would be fucked up. But what would you do? This thought does come from how I feel sometimes as though I had slept REAL long. That and my asshole feels really soft at times upon waking. But that would be 1 of two reasons; 1- I'm farting all night or 2- The body is just that relaxed (if the above isn't what happening). IT WOULD BE SCARY.... NO? leave any humourous comments. Or serious ones. It wouldn't be all that funny uh?

Views: 210 · Added: 824 days ago

im tired of watching these videos.......i need to find my love now

Views: 129 · Added: 824 days ago

Thanks to BI4LIFE for the detailed description and to all who responded, luv ya all

Video Play Issues
Views: 204 · Added: 824 days ago

I can't get any vieos to load. Circle stays at "0" just going round and round.Is anyone else having problems with PLAY ref. videos?

Videos not appearing
Views: 320 · Added: 824 days ago

I have uploaded eight videos over last two weeks but only one has shown.Is there any problems?Anyone knows why let me know.

What young boys find interesting about "old" men?
Views: 201 · Added: 824 days ago

I wonder what young boys / men find so interesting about an old man.

I also can only younger men are like me, most of the older that I know so, too boring not care to its exterior, and with whom you just do nothing ... and sexy they are not ... I feel very comfortable when I have with younger (up to max. 35) I, what can make life fun and easy on ...

Views: 131 · Added: 824 days ago

Hi everyone! can I ask how to make a photo album private, that can be seen only by friends of mine? xD thanks!

Views: 187 · Added: 824 days ago

Watch Film 'shelter' on Scottas page. Absolutley ace.

HELP, profile pic?
Views: 175 · Added: 825 days ago

looking to change my pro pic (less sexual), just tried but no success, any ideas?

why are cocks so attracting?
Views: 265 · Added: 825 days ago

Just wondering...

Views: 125 · Added: 825 days ago

so new state new ife old family members i havent seen for 15 year yet i feel diff they know and respect and love that im gay and i happy but still feel the need to impress them i dont know wat to think these days with life moving on and im just standing there wanting the past how do you let go of sumthink hat helps you see thing as they are.... well thanks anyway ppl and hopfully ill move on or change myeelings

looking 4 younger in the nc area
Views: 134 · Added: 825 days ago

so i am in the hickory nc area and very much intersted in younger tops :) or vers :) or heck no strings fun :) or something serious lol

I know this is kinda far fect but...
Views: 99 · Added: 825 days ago

Does anyone have a rooom to rent in LA or area cos im planning on movinfg away there in sept.oct :) plz x

I know this is kinda far fect but...
Views: 94 · Added: 825 days ago

Does anyone have a rooom to rent in LA or area cos im planning on movinfg away there in sept.oct :) plz x

Takers and not Givers.
Views: 365 · Added: 825 days ago

I'm just venting but curious how other members handle this type of situation. I keep getting friendship request (so far so good) so many are members that have nothing on their profile, no type of name, have contributed nothing to GBT and usually been member for close to a year or even two. I thought this was a sharing site. How do others handle this. Maybe nick18 should offer a 30trial membershipand unless you do'nt contribute "SOMETHING" every 90 days - you're kicked off GBT. I want friends and respect those I have and don't want to appear to be a hateful person but hoe can you have a friendship that only goes one way. Input, PLEASE. Thanks, Andy (now I'm ready for all the hate messages)

Views: 165 · Added: 825 days ago

Man have you kept up with todays photo's whats up with that

Views: 125 · Added: 825 days ago

Only the chosen few right

fun night
Views: 123 · Added: 825 days ago

so any bottoms wana have a fun night

community chat room?
Views: 91 · Added: 826 days ago

Nick , you ever think about that? you have one here but basically 1 on 1, i think i'm finally coming out of my shell and would love to chat with a bunch of members at 1 time, anyone else like that ? 1 where you could chat, cam or both with everyone

Views: 146 · Added: 826 days ago

Just another of my silly ideas...
How about limiting the number of videos or picture albums each member may attempt to ONE PER 24 HOUR PERIOD? This way, a lot more members would have a chance at getting something posted.
Right now, some people are uploading 5, 10, or more videos in one day...and they are being posted. Same with picture galleries. I'll bet the ones who successfully get 10 videos posted have actually uploaded even more. All of their videos have to be checked, so that leaves a lot less time for any other uploads to be approved.
ALSO, I THINK ANY PERSON WHO UPLOADS UNDERAGE CONTENT SHOULD HAVE THEIR ACCOUNT IMMEDIATELY DELETED. No warnings, no second chances, no appeals, If the moderators find any upload to be unlawful, you're JUST GONE!! Once a few accounts are deleted, fewer people will try to get away with any crap, and the moderators will have more time to approve valid uploads.


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