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Has anyone ever seen a ghost?
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i was lucid dreaming last night and at one point i seen a ghost in my room and i tried to scream but nothing would come out....I dunno if it was a nightmare now or if it really happened....cos i was sitting up in my bed tryna scream eek! It seemed 100% real....It happened another 3 times after that last night...scary

friendly shout out!
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what's up guys! it's a beautiful Friday and I'm all porned out, for now.. LOL.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!
Aloha \m/

Get Real
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"Get real" is a film that depicts the coming out of two scoolboys. One is aware that he is gay,he meets the other in a toilet. He is his head boy who is reluctant to acknowlege that he is also gay.
I have tried to download this film from a torrent,but it refuses to accept the file.
It is a beautiful, and rather tragic film.
Either download it from Pirate bay, buy it from Amazon, or watch it in stages on YouTube.
Either way, please tell me of your opinions. Thanks xx

How many believe that soon Jake and Eldridge will get so smashed that they're found sleeping naked together?

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Just watched the film 50/50. info can be found here;

It was actually surprisingly sad. I mean there were some pretty damn funny parts but its weird, the emotion kinda creeps up on you, most of the film is really well done in respect to the use of dark humor but somehow they managed to throw in some serious emotionally moving scenes. Wasn't expecting it at all.

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Hey can anyone please tell me how to upload a profile picture because it wont let me

I can't upload
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Does anyone has the same problem??? I tried to upload a 200mb vid and in a few minutes it says " The server will not accept it or something like that, any solutions??? someone out there ??? hellooooooooow???

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AND A VERY SPECIAL BIRTHDAY GREETING FROM YOUR LIITLE BRO.IN THE UK..and don't forget to check your hotmail acc.
HUGZZZZ from Russ.

What did I just do?
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Well, I built up the courage to finally tell someone that I'm gay, but I'm not sure if I did it the right way. If any of you have read any of my previous blogs, you may know that I have been fighting with myself so much lately, trying to find a way to come out. You may also remember that I had a friend in high school — a girl — who really wanted to date me, but I was too afraid to tell her I was gay. Well, today I mustered up the courage, but I did it through a message on Facebook because I don't have her number anymore and she still lives in our hometown. I don't live in our hometown anymore because I am at a University the next state over. Should I have done that? I explained that she was the only person I trusted telling this to and that I needed to get it off my chest, but I feel like it isn't a very good way to break news like this.

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Where is the download option?

fix it
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The download button seems to have disappeared is it only me having problems or has it just gone??
Can anyone help please

Saving Ryan's privates.
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I tried to upload a video of "Get real",(a programme that is humorous, semi-tragic,a must to view),forgive me, I digress.
I downloaded it from the Pirate Bay, and then tried to downloaded from the torrent.
After 77% had ben downloaded, it told me that it could not proceed.
Can one not download from torrents? I think I should be told.

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how many times a day do you look at yourself in the mirror?

I started noticing a wayyy while back. A sort of "bald spot" on the top right side of my scalp about three and a half inches from my top ear lobe. So I shaved my entire head right to bare skin with a razor blade shaver (5bladed) because it actually hurt for some reason. Like I had it ripped out or something. As my hair started growing again I noticed it was growing back, evenly. My hair got to about four millimeters in length when I noticed it moved to the middle of my scalp now. Same hurt feeling an all that. The part where it was at first has long since now grown evenly. But where it moved too is confusing as to why it did?? I used to have long hair before I noticed the first balding spot. It was about five inches long and shaggy. AS I'm letting it be now and growing anyway even though the pea sized balding spot remains in its new location, it is just pricky on the pea sized bare skin. And sort of looking like it's taking it's good old time to catch up with the rest of my scalp. It hurts right now. Am I being visited by trichofillian Aliens? lol Anyone ever hear of a hair problem like that or experience it? Migrating bald spots?

Is there anyone who live in South korea??? I wanna make friends~
Or I love to make friends who live in anywhere~

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add me on skype:oimupset, im young and hung looking for some fun, i have 3 vids of me on my profile under fav, and uploaded. take a look and add me

I can't upload
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A recent report shows that young people who identify themselves as Gay "Emos" are being brutally killed at an alarming rate in Iraq, with an estimated 750 young Gays murdered since 2006. Like many places in the Muslim world, homosexuality is extremely taboo in Iraq. Anyone perceived to be Gay is considered a fair target, and the perpetrators of the violence often go free. Still, there is the country of Uganda that has a bill that would make the death sentence mandatory for Gays who are "repeat offenders", which was reintroduced this February after an earlier attempt at passing the bill was temporarily dropped because of international pressure (mostly from Western countries like the US)-homosexuality is also taboo in many African nations. It is illegal in 37 countries on the continent, and activists say few Africans are openly gay, fearing imprisonment, violence and loss of jobs. While there are many Western nations that are more open to the idea of LGBTQ people having the same or similar rights afforded to heterosexuals, and our lives have become better in recent years, there is much, much work to be done.......

The bill has given Uganda a reputation as the 'world's homophobia capital'.

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thanks nick for all the great work and i see my photos are coming back which is great, the site is running so well now and i must say its all down to you, i have videos and photos that i will be uploading over the next few days. once again thank you nick, your efforts are very much appreciated

What was the biggest you ever had?
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I bottomed for a bud who was 12 in and real thick. He went in real slow at first then OMG it was the most extream pleasure sensation. After that, I never had any problem taking a guy. Anyone else have a similar experience?

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The download button seems to have disappeared is it only me having problems or has it just gone??
Can anyone help please
Thanks Chadlad

im thinkin of running away after the summer :D

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how do you download vids? is their a button to press?

need you to fix it
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The download button seems to have disappeared is it only me having problems or has it just gone??
Can anyone help please

Hi guys! ;D
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Hey guys im back from a long couple weeks at the hospital, i guess things got too difficult and i tried to cope with them the only way i knew how, well im pretty sad right now so i thought some of you might wanna chat, if you do msg me! ;D

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can't seem to upload, new to this site, most pictures JPEG images but when uploading the folder is not there, sorry not clever on computer

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SHAMELESS USA..the series is being shown on UK TV..but it will take a lot to 'come up' to the standard of the UK version filmed on a 'sink' housing estate near Manchester..In the USA series there are 2 really cute actors
Cameron Monaghan plays Ian the gay lovely boy!!..and Jeremy Allan White plays Lip
Any of you guys in the US watched the series..what do you think?

About Tied to the Goalpost
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I don't want to be a killjoy here. Really the guy was hot and all that, but watching this really worried me about this young man. Why was he targeted? There is no explanation and if there is I can't find it.
I don't get it.

Look…. don’t get me wrong; I’m all for a fun time with my friends, but then again we have to draw the line somewhere. There has been a concerted effort on the part of a lot of people especially here in this forum to stamp out bullying. Isn't this bullying? Those of us (not me, but some here are) who are into the whole BDSM thing and I have nothing against that at all, but for those who do partake in BDSM do nothing against someone’s will. Daddy/boy, Master/slave, bondage, spanking or whatever I get that, but always there is a safe word, but this just looked like a spontaneous mob of drunks with nobody in control. At the very least this looks like illegal imprisonment, rape, torture. This person surly said “no” enough times.
Some might say it was just some hazing, but with recent deaths we’ve learned that hazing and bullying are the same things. It looked to me that even in jest something could have gone horribly wrong even if by accident.
Have none of you ever been in a situation like this where a party or a group of friends were messing around maybe even targeting you in harmless prank, but even though you were scared out of your mind you kept laughing just to keep the aggressors from getting to serious? How do we know what this person was thinking?
I don't know about any of you, but I started watching this video at first out of curiosity and suddenly I was confused. I actually started getting ill remembering being in just such a situation. Then I figured there had to be more of a point to this so I skipped forward to see what that point was, but all I found myself doing was looking to see if someone would put a stop to it. I was actually hoping the police would show up.
Now I'm all for showing videos of things like guys resting their balls on a pool table knowing someone's going to try to bank one off them, or drunken spring breakers belly flopping in a pool. Great fun, but these people do so on their own and at their own risk.
Also and let me make this clear. I don't think this video should be removed. I think it should stay if only to see what sort of emotional reactions it brings up. I'm all for a good clean debate. I just wish I could know the whole story behind this video and if the targeted person is ok. If I knew that much I know I wouldn't even had mentioned it here.

powerful drum song
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Up load gone faster
Views: 142 · Added: 825 days ago

Just up loaded a 4 minute vid it took 8 minutes, has any one else found this

Download ?????
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Seems like download option is not available (again). Sent message to nick.Hopt to hear something soon. Too Bad it's happening when things seemed to be going good. Andy

Younger with Older or Vice Versa
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Could it be possible to be attracted only by younger men and is it possible that younger guys could be only attrated to older. And this for the good reason. Not only for a younger body for the older and the money for the younger. I met a lot of youngers that said they like older but none were for the good reason. Is it dreaming to try to find the right youn man that enjoy being with a mature man. Not an easy question!

TV series SKINS
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did any of u guys in the US watch a UK TV series called SKINS..about a group of teenagers..1 actor in particular Mitch Hewer..he played a gay dancer called
Maxxie Oliver...blond and really cute..i used to get horny just watching him!!

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If you had a "bluetooth" of some kind on constant always jacking frequencies. You could hear and speak without ever having to recharcge it. Would you ever shut up? Or talk about anything or anyone all the time? ¦D heh


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