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Horny here
Views: 394 · Added: 801 days ago

Phone sex anyone ???? i live in texas im 18 i trade pics ;)

want to deep throat
Views: 309 · Added: 801 days ago

ok so i love cock i really do :) and so badly want to be able to deep throat a cock i would love for someone to fuck my throat however i got this damn gag reflex :( anybody have any idea as to how to get stop this from happen

just now came across this sight
Views: 358 · Added: 801 days ago

hi, i'm new here! was looking and comenting on you guys blogs. this sight and the people on here seem a littel diferent than most others, allmost seems real! is it? guess it just depends on my point of view. anyway i will get a profile set up a little later if i decide i'm rite. thanks for leting me in and haveing me around!

deleting sent mails
Views: 212 · Added: 801 days ago

example: I upload 5 movies. I have now apprx. 350 friends. that means I'll send 1750 messages about my new released movies. if i do it 7 days a week it means 12250 messages totally. ok but that also means that I have same amount of sent messages every f***ing week and no way how to delete these messages as one by one. Any comments of any clever tips how to manage with this? Have a nice day or night friends wherever you exist!!! but this sucks!

Views: 137 · Added: 802 days ago


I've always wanted to keep busy with this site, but I'm still not sure how. Since I started to use here, I've been bored because there aren't many people who are willing to keep me busy. Do you know how to keep me busy? Should I add them, write their wall, send them few messages?

Views: 192 · Added: 802 days ago

I need a twink that i can have something real with. message me

A problem with video uploading
Views: 283 · Added: 802 days ago

Does anybody know why my videos are always rejected on the uploading?

server rejects video upload
Views: 210 · Added: 802 days ago

Hi guys, i keep getting an error uploading, i managed 2 files but the error message keeps telling me the server rejected the file or error uploading video. Any ideas?

some help with this guy please!
Views: 223 · Added: 802 days ago

Hi everyone, this is my first post and I wanted to ask about this guy that i think i like. I met him like a couple of years ago and we talked from time to time. Recently, each time we saw each other we kissed and he tried to touch me and do other stuff but never did anything till last week. We had sex after drinking a little and i rly enjoyedit :P he was kinda small but it was great haha. However last time i saw him he was kind of shy and he hasnt answered my texts from the last couple of days. what do u think?

Hi Nick, there are problems with the upload of pics and vids???? I'm sad :-((
I have two vids and a pics album on Saturday correctly uploaded.
these are not displayed!!....why??
they are gone, or are come they still?
there are many user here, with the same problem??

Deutschland - Frankfurt
Views: 195 · Added: 802 days ago

Hi, gibt es hier in der Gegend nette Kerle, die einen Sexbuddy oder Freund suchen?

grrrrrrr..... :L
Views: 218 · Added: 802 days ago

wont let me upload a new vid :L takes the piss :L

Views: 249 · Added: 802 days ago

who want to chat?
i m 18 an from germany and a sportfreak

my frend ben
Views: 656 · Added: 802 days ago

I was 14, but a big kid and had matured very early and used to love to go out to the pool in my speedos and was very PROUD of the newly sprouted trail of hair that ran from my navel, on down

One day another boy, Ben comes over to where I am lying on the cement
and he squats down to talk for a while. He was 14 also,slim tanned body As he's talking, his cock falls out the leg of his nylon joggers.
I mention this to him and he said "I don't mind, do you? I'm sure
you have seen a guy's tool before.
We talked for an hour or so, all this time, his cock was hanging against his thigh and I could even see the engorged veins of his shaft under the thin material and by this time, my cock had formed a small pool of pre-cum in my speedos. Ben invited me to his house to show
me his new stereo set-up. I can remember walking acroos the pool
area with my towel stratigically place to conceal my hard-on. We stepped thru the door of his bedroom and he immediately slid his jogging shorts off and turned to me and asked if I wanted to shower the chlorine off... I did not say anything... I was tranfixxed. I was staringat an AWESOME hunk with the perfect V-body, deep tan, just the right amount of body hair and the most incredible DICK I have seen to date!
He smiled and simply walked to the bathroom and turned the shower
on and said, "Come on!" I stood under that warm water for what seemed
to be hours while he soaped and carressed my body...but he did not
once, touch my full-masted cock... We got out and dried each other
off and he led me to the bedroom and layed me on his bed and proceeded
to kiss every inch of my body, again, everywhere BUT my cock! He
then strattled me and gently, some times not so gently, ran his cock
over my chest, my face, my legs, my stomach, even my toes. He then
asked if I would like to see him cum... I almost whispered, Yes....
He stood at the side of the bed and then put on a real show for me...
feeling his cock and hard pecs and running his open hand over the
ripples of his stomach. He then asked me to touch him... I reached
around his thigh and placed my hand just under his butt and gave
his muscled leg a slight squeeze and then he threw his head back
and began breathing very deep and fast. His cock began spewing forth
a torrent of cum, He literally DRENCHED me with his boy-juice and
as his orgasm subsided, he dropped to his knees and took my cream-covered tool into his mouth. I had never felt a boys mouth on my prick
it was awesome, He swallowed my cock to the base and held
it there while he wiped globs of his cum from my stomach and chest
and massaged it into his own chest. My balls tightened and I began
to pump my load deep in his throat. We collapsed. Hours later I
got up to head home and he kissed me deeply and I will always remember
how that kiss felt and tasted.

Français - French ?
Views: 164 · Added: 802 days ago

Ya t il des français pour skype ou msn ?

how do you unsubscribe to a user?
Views: 254 · Added: 803 days ago

basically - yeah. what the title says.

Views: 252 · Added: 803 days ago

Hey how are you all and all I expect you to say hey I'm ............ I don't need details about your life unless you want everyone to know

Do you enjoy spooning.
Views: 410 · Added: 803 days ago

just wondering if you guys like spooning. I love being spooned it turns me on big time. Does anybody else out their in gbt land enjoy doing it too.

anyone in or near saint louis missouri
Views: 161 · Added: 803 days ago

just wanna kick it like soccer :P

finding a great video
Views: 278 · Added: 803 days ago

Have been looking everywhere for a vidieo.This vid. is 6 British guy`s it is his 18th. and get`s blindfolded and has sex with all of them.Same guy in Cabin Boy

hot, hot
Views: 434 · Added: 804 days ago

Durning the summers, I would often spend time at my grandparents summer
cottage on a lake. One of the neighbors had two grandsons, they were teenages . I spent a lot of time with when I was there. The first time I did
anything sexually was with the older of the boys (Mark)when we were swimming. I reached inside his footy shorts and felt his penis. I think he liked it cause he smiled and did the same to me. This only lasted about 15 seconds as our parents were nearby.

The next incident was when we had a sleep over in a small building next to the main house which had a set of bunk beds. I offered to let them sleep on the bunk beds and I would sleep on a cot. After about a half hour on the cot, I asked Mark if I could share the bed with him as the cot was uncomfortable. He said sure, so I climbed in with him.

We slept in the same sleeping bag and it started to get hot, so I suggested we take our clothes off as we'd feel much cooler. He was ok with that. I took my underwear off and then asked if he wanted me to take his off and he said ok. Lying down again, trying to sleep, I got the urge to touch him, so I reached over and felt his stomach.
He didn't say anything. So I slowly worked my hand down towards his
penis. He had a small pubic bush. When I finally felt his penis, it was soft and warm, but not hard. He still didn't say anything, although I knew he wasn't asleep. I rubbed the head of his penis and it
started to get hard. He grabbed my hand and started using it to stroke his penis.
When he knew I had a rhythm going he let go and reached for my penis. I was already hard before I touched his penis and he started to stroke my as well. We did this for about 5 minutes and then I told him to roll over on his stomach. I then laid on his back and rubbed my hard penis between his cute bubble butt cheeks. This felt really good and after about 5 more minutes of doing this, I couldn’t contain the sensation of the orgasm building up in my penis, I spurted long creamy shots of my milk on his back. After I squeezed every drop out I needed 2 clean his back. Mark told me 2 wipe the cum up with his underwear and then he put them back on, cause he wanted 2 feel the wetness of my cummmm on his body. That was so fuckin hot.

Manchester (UK) Meet
Views: 203 · Added: 804 days ago

Any fit lads fancy getting together to watch some horny twink pics n vids?

Im slim, smooth and fit, aged 31, will go on cam so you know im genuine. Can travel only. Message me lads.

Swindon again lol :)
Views: 166 · Added: 804 days ago

any younger members in the swindon or near lying areas that want any form of relationship, friendship or no strings ;) if so drop me a message. must be below 20 !!!!!!

spend the night
Views: 268 · Added: 804 days ago

hey guys im lonley here. anyone wana spend the night with me we dont have to go sexuall but im horny all night so if u want we can go as far as u want. preferd age 18-26

Views: 202 · Added: 805 days ago

hey send me a message if u wana have fun tonight

Views: 170 · Added: 805 days ago

Hi im 18 i live in texas does anyone wanna have phone sex or trade pics it would be awsome

Views: 166 · Added: 805 days ago

Im searching for a chat partner and maby more
Im 18 years old and live in germany



How long does it stay hard after you cum?
Views: 264 · Added: 805 days ago

Hey guys; my dick is super-rock-hard before I cum; but after I cum I notice that the stiffness dissipates little-by-little; and eventually it becomes soft if I don't keep-on jerking it. It takes about half an hour to get fully soft again, after I cum. I was wondering how long does it stay hard after you cum? Is my situation normal?

Tell a friend
Views: 260 · Added: 805 days ago

Ok I have this friend from school and I like him alot but I know he is st8 but I was thining I should tell him how I feel should I?
Ps. We dont talk much since we graduated but he is one of my friends on facebook.

how do u
Views: 236 · Added: 806 days ago

how do u just go up to a random gay person and start chatting them up without shitting urself? also i got outta hospital this morning xD

NEW Pics.
Views: 192 · Added: 806 days ago

Hey guys just recently I posted some new pics of me on here. Check them out, and let me know what you think. Hope to hear from some of you guys. LATER

Gay and Videogames
Views: 179 · Added: 806 days ago

Being gay still has a negative stigma in some places, but the world has come a long way from where it was not all that long ago. Videogames seem to be lagging behind a bit, since developers are wary of possibly alienating a portion of their fan base by making games that feature homosexuality. With that said, does anyone else have Skyrim? While the marriage system is pretty basic, and there's no "love-story" behind the choices you can make, the game does allow you to marry quite of few NPC's of either gender, regardless of your own. There are some games that do feature same sex relationships, but this is the first majorly (or rather, HUGELY) mainstream game I'm aware of (mind you I game casually, so I could very well be wrong) that allows such choices and doesn't make any extra bones about it. There's no extra pomp and circumstance for two men or two women marrying than if it's a straight couple, which I think is the best way to do it. The goal in real life after all is to be accepted as equal, and I think even with as simple as the system in the game is, it looks good on Bethesda for taking such a simple step. Any thoughts?

size of manhood
Views: 458 · Added: 806 days ago

i have a friend on GBT he is realy WORRIED about the size of his penis 4.5 inches..can anybody tell me if it's possible and how it can be enlarged safely and without pain


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